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Christian ‘Chris’ Kringle is available for traditional in home visits, story telling, book reading, “By Chance Encounters”, photos at home or at a photographer’s studio, charity events, Christmas in July / summer, pool parties, beach parties, corporate events and more.

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Mon-Sat: 9AM-9PM
Sun: 1PM – 9PM

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Christian ‘Chris’ Kringle and Tiffany have had a background check, are insured and was SANTA-TIZED when we attended the Northern Lights Santa Academy. Tiffany and I have attended and sucessfully completed INCLUSION training at Morgans world in Santonio, TX.

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‘*Parents must be present and responsible for children’s behavior and safety while ‘Chris’ Kringle interacts with the children. Christian ‘Chris’ Kringle is not a child care or baby sitter.

Pets & Allergies

 Some children have allergies and I go to hospitals that require I have costumes that are free from any pet hair or pet dander. I do keep my wardrobe clean. I also try to keep some costumes dedicated to pet friendly and others that have not been exposed to pets. Some children and hospitals appreciate this. I hope you will help me respect their needs. Please notify me ahead of time if pets will be present.


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