Christian ‘Chris’ Kringle is available for traditional in home visits, story telling, book reading, “By Chance Encounters”, photos at home or at a photographer’s studio, charity events, Christmas in July / summer, pool parties, beach parties, corporate events and more.

Pricing depends on the date, time, location and what ‘Chris’ wears.

Standard visits during the Christmas season, starts at $200.00 / hour. The visit may consist of a combination of Book Reading, Conversation and Stories, Photos and delivering gifts.


Santa Home Visits

Milk and Cookie Visits

“By Chance Encounters”
Christmas Present Delivery
Christmas Card Photos


School & Business Visits
Christmas Parties
Tree Lightings


Local Christmas Events
Hospital Visits
Charity Promotions

About Services

My personal appearance and love of children makes me a natural Chris Kringle. I am a perfect choice for church groups, retreat centers, schools, home visits, and corporate events. Call me to discuss and create your perfect event 615-554-1142.

  • International Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santas
  • Members of Lone Star Santas
  • Background Check and Insurance
  • Non-Smoking, Non-Drinking, Non-Cursing
  • Graduated “Santa-tized” at the Northern Lights Santa Academy
Service Availability
  • Available for home visits, private and company parties, store openings/promotions, story time,  phone call from Chris Kringle, breakfast/birthday party with Chris Kringle, parades, tree lighting and commercials
  • Available for group or family groups


  • Professional Chris Kringle and Mrs. Kringle
  • Traditional Velvet Santa Suit with leather belt and leather boots and bells attire as well as casual Santa attire for warmer weather. Mrs. Claus has matching dresses
  • Real Beard, Real Belly, and Real Jolly Personality
By Chance Encounters

Do you wish for some help maintaining or encouraging the behavior of young children at times thought the year. ‘Chris’ Kringle is your helper. A “By Chance Encounter” with young children outside the Christmas season reenforces good behavior as well as the believing in the Christmas spirit / magic. ‘Chris’ can meet with your child in a unique and original summer, workshop or casual dress attire and jolly attitude to discuss what it takes to maintain status of being on the “NICE LIST”, reminisce about Christmas past and discuss Christmas future. These 15 minute “By Chance Encounter” are sure improve your child’s goal of good behavior and staying on the “NICE LIST” year round.

‘Chris’ Kringle Has been known to display simple slight of the hand illusions to open spark curiosity and start a conversation. ‘Chris’ Kringle specializes in conversation with children, question and answers, story telling and book reading.

Prayer Book

There are some things beyond Santa’s ability such as health issues, family issues or even the passing of a lived one. If a child ask ‘Chris’ to help in such situations ‘Chris’ will ask to write the issue down in a prayer book to pray about it later. Or then if the parents agree.

Book Readings

Reading books to children is a way to slow down during an otherwise hectic day, to develop listening skills, cognitive and language development and expand your child’s vocabulary Christian ‘Chris’ Kringle has several children favorite Christmas books children enjoy to sit with ‘Chris’ Kringle and watch and listen to him read the books with dramatic voice fluctuation.

Chris’ Kringle is available all year to read books to children at your home or occasional out in a public environment.

*Parents must be present and responsible for children’s behavior and safety while Chris’ Kringle interacts with the children. Christian ‘Chris’ Kringle Is not a child care or baby sitter.

Chris’ Kringle may read books at your home maybe with some friends? No more than 6 children as Chris’ Kringle likes to give children the individual attention they deserve. Chris’ Kringle has some books on hand or he is happy to read a book of the parents choosing if there is time for Chris’ Kringle to read it and determine it is in line with Chris’ Kringle’s idea of a book suitable for children. Books with a good moral or lesson to be learned are good ideas.

Conversations and Stories

Chris’ Kringle Is happy to tell stories of what it is like living at the North Pole, or to answer questions about Chris’ Kringle’s adventures from small children. Will also engage the children to tell Christmas wishes. It is especially enjoyable and memorable when children choose to use their imagination to share stories of their own.